Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Modest Inspiration

Vintage looks are not only classy and gorgeous, they're also typically quite modest.  Today I found Casey's Elegant Musings.  Casey posts some very pretty outfits she has made or found, and is a great source of inspiration for sister missionary wear!  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Recreate with:

Recreate with:
Cape May Shoes
Recreate with:
Jackie Dress
Cape May Shoes

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sister Missionary Clothing Q and A

I saw some posts you made on the Sister Missionaries: Past and Present (or whatever it is called) group and I wanted to know more about the clothes your recommend...Did I see that you are connected with the SorellaBella site too? I have looked on it some and it's super cute stuff! I am really in need of skirts and I am I guess considered "plus size" but short (5'5") so not sure fit and length wise what would be good matches. I live in a *tiny* town in WY and the closest malls are basically in Utah! I'm always apprehensive about online shopping when I'm not familiar with brands, etc...and I am just looking for some help! I am the only member in my family and of course the first missionary... So I'm a bit clueless! Thanks!

Hi Emily!

I actually own Sorella Bella so I try to stay up with sister missionary clothing. The important thing with buying online is knowing your measurements. For easiest fit, look at a-line or full skirts so you don't have to worry about hip measurement. Just measure your waist where you normally wear your skirts. Or, since you are shorter and can get away with wearing them higher, measure the smallest part of your waist and only order skirts that have that waist measurement or higher.

I wouldn't worry too much about length- if you get a skirt that is too long, hemming a skirt is an easy job. I'm sure someone in your ward sews and wouldn't mind adjusting the hem for you.

OK, now to brands. I, of course, recommend everything I have at Sorella Bella (use SHIP4FREE for free shipping).  Our skirts are all wrinkle-resistant and mission-approved lengths.   Here are some other brands that I think are fabulous: Talbots, Ann Taylor, Chadwicks (cheap!), Metrostyle (also cheap!), and  Fashion Specialists (you have to wade through some ugly/old lady stuff, but they have some really good deals on perfect skirts for missionaries so it is worth it).

For shoes, I love Clarks, Born, Dansko,  Hush Puppies,  Ecco, and of course Klogs.

Mission shopping is sort of hectic and crazy- but the great thing is that once you are done you don't have to worry about clothes for 18 months!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sister Missionary on Runway?

Check out this look from the Louis Vuitton show:

So fun to see these modest fashions.  Recreate the look with a full panel skirt from Sorella Bella!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cute Outfit Example

Sarah is a fantastic modest fashion blogger at For the Love.  Here is a fantastic look that shows a great use of scarves.  We sell tons of cute scarf patterns at Sorella Bella, so get inspired then pick one up for your mission!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sister Missionary Shoes

After looking over the updated dress/grooming guidelines for sisters, I thought I'd post a few great shoe options from my favorite online shoe retailer, Endless.  I recommend them when buying online b/c of the free (fast!) shipping both ways.

Gone are the days of clunky Danskos, bring on the colorful, stylish flats!

Or how about some updated Mary Jane styles?

Here are my favorite flat boots:

And, just for fun, here are some shoes I would NOT recommend taking along on your mission:


Basically, I want to go be a missionary again!  If you find a great brand, style, or deal, be sure to post it in the comment.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Sister Missionary Guidelines

The missionary department has issued some new and updated guidelines for sister missionaries.  Here they are:

(click on the picture- brings up in new window.  Click again to blow it up so you can read the print)

So cute!  I love love it!  Find cute clothing like this at the only online store for LDS sister missionaries - Sorella Bella.  We will continue to sell longer skirts as well, to cater to those missionaries headed to colder climates.

New - The RM Planner

 The R.M. Planner by Parker Planners is a really cool product!  On the mission, you really learn all of the benefits and importance of daily and weekly planning sessions.  When you get home, the RM Planner is based off of the missionary planner to make the transition as seamless as possible. 
The planner covers a period of two months and is set up just like the missionary planner on the inside.  It even has room for your goals, gospel study topics, exercise plan, etc.  The best part is the price- $4.99 for one two-month planner, or save 10% when you buy 6 (a year supply).
I think these make great gifts, for yourself, or for a recently-returned friend.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sister Missionary Fabric

How cute is this fabric?  Little sister missionaries with letters. Good for quilting or PJs!

Friday, July 30, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit my family while they performed in the Nauvoo pageant. What an experience! The pageant itself is incredibly uplifting and touching, but it was also neat to see my family acting as missionaries as they interacted with pageant guests.
While there, I noticed that the sister missionaries were dressed super cute! A majority of them were wearing flowers in their hair or on headbands.  What a great idea!  Watch for these darling accessories to be added to Sorella Bella store.

I asked this sister for clothing advice, and she responded "Get solid colors- it makes it so much easier."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gravity Defyer Shoes

These comfort shoes come in a variety of cute styles.  Check out the Slim Dress options - Tanya is my favorite.  Also make sure you check out the Special Values page for savings over 50% off.

Gravity Defyer Shoes, World Most Comfortable and Pain Free

Helen Women's Dress Shoe
Helen Women's Dress Shoe
Gravity Defyer's Helen womens dress shoe, in a black, is designed in a Mary Jane style that features an elastic comfort-fit strap. The comfort fit strap provides support and gently holds the foot in place while also making it easy to slip on and off. The Helen shoe also features a removable insole that can be adjusted for your fit and comfort. It is made with the finest imported New Zealand Nappa leather for a superior look that is incredibly comfortable in fit and feel.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cabela's sells Mission Shoes!

While purchasing some delicious fudge at my local Cabela's, I found that they have some very cute mission-friendly options.  Check it out:

Balistar (only 34.99 this week!!)

Clarks for 69.99

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shoe Sale!

I came across a shoe sale today at the New Balance outlet with some Aravon shoes at decent prices.  Check it out:

Styles I liked:
Aravon Freya  http://www.joesnewbalanceoutlet.com/detail.asp?style=WEF09BR

Aravon Hayley  http://www.joesnewbalanceoutlet.com/detail.asp?style=WOH02BK&size=&width=&category=wcasual&selection=wshoes&sort=POP&shoeLast=&price=

Free shipping on all orders through May 4th.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bastien Boots

I've never worn these boots so can't speak from personal experience, but the company description looks perfect for missionary use:
Bastien winter boots are headquartered in Quebec, Canada and have been proudly manufacturing winter boots to meticulous standards since 1932. The Bastien brand represents stylish, warm, waterproof boots. They are fortunate to have a team of five award winning footwear designers. The Bastien promise is to produce quality, casually styled, comfortable, fashionable winter boots. Winter is real. Demand the brand!
Here are some good options:

Also, here are some Blondo boots that look promising. Also waterproofed and insulated.

LDS Sister Missionary Coats

Here are some coats that meet the sister missionary guidelines.

Monday, March 22, 2010



Clarks is the brand I most often hear recommended for sister missionaries.  Their collection of comfort shoes carry some very cute looks for sister missionaries.  The prices are relatively affordable, too.  These links take you to Endless, an online shoe store that offers free shipping both ways.  So, if the shoes don't work, you can return them for free.
Here are some of my recommendations:


Recently I did a survey of my return missionary friends as to which shoes they preferred.  Clarks won out on reviews for their great price, durability, and comfort- but another brand that came up again and again was Dansko.  Dansko's are known for having excellent arch support and for being extremely long-lasting.

Here are the styles in the current Dansko line that are mission-appropriate:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grand Opening!

The website is finally up and running.  We are starting out with some of the simple basics- long skirts, blouses, blazers, etc.  Hopefully, pending success of the website, we will be able to offer a wider range of clothing and accessories.  Check it out: