Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sister Missionary Skirts - Florals!

Here is a feature of the modest floral skirts we offer- perfect for spring!

The Sara skirt - a soft gray and cream print that will match with a variety of tops.  
Sara Skirt

The Southern Bloom - sweet with a gentle swish and fullness.
Southern Bloom Skirt

The Cream Floral Circle skirt- looks great with the round neck lace top!
Cream Floral Circle Skirt

The Academy skirt has a lovely Arbor print- not exactly floral, but still botanical!  Academy Skirt

Romance Deferred- brand new in this week and in very limited quantity.
Romance Deferred

And finally, the Rust Floral skirt-

Rust Floral Circle Skirt

Please check out these and our other lovely new styles in for spring!