Sunday, August 31, 2014

Look just as cute as Minnie Mouse in the Pleated Full Skirt from Sorella Bella!

 Look just as sweet as Snow White with the Yvette dress! Just make sure you watch out for those apples!

You'll feel just as fun as Bert in the Sunny Stripes skirt!

Channel your inner Aurora with the Pretty in Pink dress, although, we do not recommend sleeping in this dress :)

 Get your inner Treasure Planet on with the Galaxy skirt!

The Pleated Plum Skirt has beautiful Grecian goddess pleats that will leave you feeling like Meg!

Modern day Minnie Mouse? Been there, done that! Go for Vintage Minnie with the Miriam skirt!

 You'll always feel and look like Cinderella in the Tulle Midi skirt!

Don't let the good guys have all the fun! Channel your inner villain with the Momo Pencil skirt!

Look just like Belle in her winter dress with the Isabel dress!

The Anchors Aweigh skirt is perfect for Disneybounding as Donald Duck!

 Look darling and like Wendy Darling in the Lillian dress!

Look like the Snow Queen herself in the Chevron Maxi!

It all started with a mouse! Look just like Mickey in  the Suspender skirt and the Zip-Off Blazer!

Let your hair down and dress like Rapunzel in the Mia dress!

 Add a blue belt to the Tia dress and your Oliver Disneybound will be complete!

A little bonus here, Anastasia isn't Disney, but you can still dress like her with the Bridget Hearts dress!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nautilus Bag by M Squared

This bag is awesome, and available on sale at Sorella Bella for just $79.00

Here is a video about the bag's features:

And another video featuring advice from returned missionaries on bags:

Purchase your missionary bag today - Nautilus Bag

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Buy this! Not that!

Fashionable clothes can be hard to find for reasonable prices! Try substituting out some of these higher end pieces for equally cute but less expensive items from Sorella Bella!

This red pencil skirt from L'Wren Scott is super cute! So if you're not in the mood for spending $450, consider the Lace Midi Pencil Skirt in Burgandy. It gives you the same effect for a much cheaper cost.
 Alright, so if you buy the Tulle Midi skirt in Rose from Sorella Bella rather than Ruche, you'll only save $3. But hey, every penny counts right?
 Yes, this is the exact same dress. The only the difference? The price! The Suzy Parker dress is only $52 dollars from Sorella Bella, whereas the dress on the left from Modcloth is $85.
 Don't want to pay $93 for a blazer from Lipsy? Me neither! Try the Lace Blazer from Sorella Bella instead!
 This pleated light blue skirt from ASOS is so cute but it is $106. Get the same idea with the Academy skirt in Arbor from Sorella Bella.

 Peplum tops are all the rage now! But some of them can be quite expensive. Take this Neiman Marcus top for almost $200 for example. Consider the Standard Works top from Sorella Bella instead, the only difference is that it has a cute bow on it!
I love Anthropologie, but sometimes their prices can be just too much. If you're looking for a striped skirt similar to the one on the right from Anthropologie, consider the Summer Breeze skirt from Sorella Bella!
 This floral skirt from ASOS is adorable, but why pay $77 when you can get the same idea with the Bow Bell skirt from Sorella Bella for only $38?
This jacket from Swap Inside is classy and cute, but it's $204. Get a similar look with the Holiday Fest Cardi from Sorella Bella!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014